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ArcTron 3D GmbH

Ringstrasse 8, 93177 Altenthann, Germany

Phone Number: +49 9408 8501-0
Contact Email Address: c.schaich@arctron.de

Website: http://www.arctron.de

About ArcTron 3D:

The main focus of the ArcTron company group lie within archaeology and cultural heritage, the documentation of landmarked buildings and 3D-multimedia services. Services and products range all around 3D-laser scanning, airborne, terrestrial and high resolution 3D-surveys, multimedia services like visualisation, reconstruction and 3D content as well as 3D model building. Software products developed by ArcTron3D include the acclaimed photogrammetry software aSPECT3D.

At the Riegl LiDAR Conference 2015 ArcTron 3D will present a complete process chain with latest research results stretching from the 3D data acquisition with combined technologies to the further integration of the data for digital reconstruction and multimedia presentations and completing with 3D content for virtual and augmented reality.

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Euclideon International Pty Ltd

3/8 Miller Street, Murarrie, QLD, 4172, Australia

Phone Number: 00617 3393 9579
Email Address: info@euclideon.com

Website: http://www.euclideon.com

About Euclideon:


Euclideon is an Australian technology company specializing in software to quickly create accurate photo-realistic 3D copies of the real world. It can be streamed instantly to any computer or into our Hologram Room, immersing the user inside a virtual copy of a real place anytime. Science fiction has long shown a future filled with holograms. Such technology has existed for a while but was expensive due to the demands of the computer power needed. Today, this problem no longer exists, Euclideon has created algorithms that give computer graphics unlimited power..